San Antonio Regional Wine Guild

Dedicated to wine appreciation and amateur winemaking

Official Officers

The current officers of the San Antonio Regional Wine Guild and their duties are as follows:

Jack Wright, San Antonio, Texas. Conduct meetings, appoint committees, set meeting agenda.
First Vice President (Administration):
Bobby Soliz, Boerne, Texas. Serve in the absence of the President, arrange programs for the monthly meetings, serve as Competition Chairperson.
Second Vice President (Public Relations):
Byron Barnes, San Antonio, Texas. Serve in absence of President and First Vice President, arrange publicity for events, assist Competition Chairperson.
Charlie Suehs, Castroville, Texas. Record and publish minutes of meetings, handle correspondence, maintain historical records.
Jack Keller, Pleasanton, Texas. Collect dues, make disbursements, maintain financial records, maintain membership list.

Appointed Functions

Newsletter Editor:
Charlie Suehs, Castroville, Texas. Design, produce and distribute the SARWG Newsletter.
Jack Keller, Pleasanton, Texas, author of The Winemaking Home Page. Design, develop and maintain the SARWG website.

Executive Board

The Executive Board meets at least once each year in November, the sole month there is no general gathering of the membership. The committee's agenda is established by the President.

Members of the Executive Board are the current officers, the immediate past President and the Newsletter Editor.

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