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Dedicated to wine appreciation and amateur winemaking

How to Join

The current annual dues of the San Antonio Regional Wine Guild are only $10.0 per person per year or $15.00 per couple. (More snobbish wine/winemaking clubs charge as much as $75 per person per year!) To join SARWG (pronounced "Sar-Wig"), all you have to do is pay your dues. You will automatically begin receiving our newsletter, which will announce the date, location, and directions to our next meeting or activity. To join, do the following:

Write a letter:
Include your name, address, home and work phone numbers, email address (if any), and intent to join SARWG;
Write a check:
To "San Antonio Regional Wine Guild" for the amount of $10.00 per individual or $15.00 per couple;
Mail letter and check:
To Jack Keller (Treasurer),
68 Crestline Drive,
Pleasanton, Texas 78064.

What to Expect

You'll receive a monthly newsletter containing club activities and news, correspondence, minutes of the last meeting, at least one recipe of the month, harvest and grape availability information, location and directions to the next meeting, competition news, and a wealth of other info you'll probably find useful. We have nine annual meetings and two competitions annually and a holiday party in December. At each gathering, members wishing to do so bring samples of their wines (or a commercial substitute), a food dish, and their tasting glass. We sample wines and exchange recipes and other tidbits for an hour or so, then eat (pot luck style), and then have our meeting or competition or whatever. You're on your own not to drink so much that you can't drive home safely.

You can volunteer to help with any function or activity SARWG is involved in. These include setting up and manning information booths and judging wine competitions at a number of regional fairs, shows, and other gatherings (as well as our own), assisting in program development, developing promotional material, or helping in other ways. However, you will be under no obligation to do so and will not be hounded to volunteer. We are a member-friendly organization.

Should you desire additional information or simply want to talk to someone about SARWG, feel free to call any of the persons listed below:

Jack Keller, Pleasanton, Texas:
Evenings at (830) 281-8596
Jack Wright, San Antonio, Texas:
Evenings at (210) 381-8290
Charlie Suehs, Castroville, Texas:
Evenings at (830) 931-4881

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